Friday, November 30, 2007

hornet league debate homework

The Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858 were a series of seven debates between Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, and Stephen A. Douglas, a Democrat, for an Illinois in the United States Senate. At that time, U.S. Senators were elected by state legislatures, Lincoln and Douglas were campaigning for their respective parties to win control of the legislature. The debates presaged the issues that Lincoln faced in the 1860 Presidential campaign and are remembered partially for the eloquence of both sides. The main issue in all seven debates was slavery.

the Tanenbaum-Torvalds debate occured in 1992, there purpose was to argue that microkernels are superior to monolithic kernels, i think that this debate was interly most strong toned, and had a very structured debate, because they were both begining to build there rage towards them and thats what makes a debate very structured.

the Norway debate was on may 8 1940 the issue was on a technical motion, and i believe the debate had to be more of a political case then radther a simple debate, i really think this issue was somewhat pointless but it was a very poplular debate.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

outside reading quarter 2

post A- pegged page 60- definition- pin for fastening or marking something.

cricetid page 110- definition- small rodent: a small rodent of the family that includes the hamster, gerbil, muskrat, and vole.

three examples of figurative language- " jeff opened his big fat pig mouth, oink oink oink," page 45.
"That throws some light on the question of the detective" page 100

"mark saw the no smoking sign, and started to smoke" page 67

one sentence i would describe of the theme of this book is on page 95 " the defendent finds Nina innocent of killing jeff on the night of november 13"

post B- my response to this book is that there are alot of metaphors and also dramatic cause to the charecters in the book, but what i most likey would explain why i adore this book, is because of the mystery that lies on the hands of 2 dectives, and there journey takes them towards a very dangerous road that lays ahead of them a very diffecult struggle against a case that cannot and will not solve, my current page on this book is 124 but this book is 403 pages long, which is very convinent of me, detective Harry bosh is back with the LAPD with a sole mission of closing an unsolved case, and this murder is the first he's givin, theres not much to talk about in this protaginist, but as i read on i'll know this charecter well, all i can say is that he is trying to fingure out who murdered the mother of this girl, am looking forwards to reading this book as always, but my sole purpose is to find out why theres alot of mischiefs in the story line as the clues get werioder and werioder, one of my favorite qoutes from this book is "maybe you can even get your buddy up for six to put the fear of god in front of him, then they'll find it for sure" page 56 that qoute talks about how harry can't do this case alone without a partner but indeed Harry disagreese his partner is not only his brother but his arch rivel. that kind of book makes readers jump for more drama, as this story gets better and better, you'll want to read it again soon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Second quarter outside reading

Name of book-Michael connelly the closers

The year published-2006



Its a new york best seller and its required for a high school student level of litrature.

I chose this book because i did not judge the cover of the book, but how i read the back side of the book, i love murder/mystrey novels that gets me hyped up. am looking forward to reading this book and accomplishing it in this blog as soon possibble.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Assignment for the sea inside

post 1- my general reaction to this movie is that this story, based on the real life of the Galician fisherman Ramón Sampedro, is a cry from the bottom of the heart for life and love, a reaching out for human compassion, for understanding emotions. I found myself a couple of times comparing him and this film with Stephen Daldry and his masterpiece 'The Hours'.
For the courts respones, i believe they made the right decision because a person who has absolutely nothing that he/she can't do, will bring others more and more troubles/stress.
i think in order to be a friend, you have to end them if they want to, like when ramon said, "if you love me, then you will help me, and that is loving me" which, is a very stressful situation for a friend. but the human life always has to die..

post-2 , how i compare this story against the diving bell, is that they both wrote there book, and wanted to die. the difference was that in ramons perspective, he only had half of his body being locked, but for bauby's, its the whole body, except for his left eye. i personly believe that ramons story was a bit more powerful then bauby's although bauby's was a whole lot more, ramon wanted to express his thoughts and feelings towards everyone who had euthanasia, that to carry on living, you have to end it, and not let anyone take care of you for years and years, there wasting there time taking care of you, which causes you to be more depressed.

post-2 the part where ramon spoke of his farewell, the camera was actully moving inches back then comes forth again. in the begining part, there was a long shot towards the carribian. there was a juxtaposition (on nephews mother crying) there was a camera that rotates in close up shots on ramon when he was in bed.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Outside reading week 5

post 1#-the outside reading project for ahmed is some what similar to the book "the outisders" because it shows this violence and the freedom of segregation that ouccured in this book. its quite touching.

post #2- in pages 200-260. while phil lesh tries to understand the true meaning of drug abuse by going to a drug free program in atlanta, jerry and the rest of the band members tries to figure out what song to make next, which was dated in 1979 they made a song called "bird song" the song was generally about how life was supposely be when a violence came about in there lives. when phil came back from Atlanta, he told jerry that not everything has to rely drugs on making songs. so in that confrontation, jerry and phil had an agreement between to never use drugs for making songs. phils thoughts are that, to make a successful song, you have to be in a positive mood and also healthy, that will make a song a very complex tone. Lesh was not a prolific composer or singer with the Grateful Dead, although some of the songs he did contribute—"New Potato Caboose", "box of rain", "unbroken chain", and "Pride of Cucamonga"—are among the best-loved in the band's repertoire. His interest in avant-garde music was a crucial influence on the Dead, pushing them into new territory, and he was an essential part of the group and its mystique, best summed-up in the Deadhead truism: "If Phil's on, the band's on". Also, a snippet of tape of Lesh on trumpet in college can be heard on the Bob weir-composed "Born Cross-Eyed." he also made a song all by himself, his personky single debut never on media "armed luckly" he brings me the true meaning of being a musicain.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

outside reading final- phi lesh (searching for the sound)

post #1- ever since jerry garcia's death, phil maneged to not be sadden about jerry's death, because jerry would never wanted that to happen. meanwhile phil's back to his own house, settleing back into his routine, walking, relazing,listening to music, reading. but in the end, for all of his band members to remember was jerry, and to never give up upon the soul of rock and roll music that the band has inspired.

post#2- the message of my memior was that phil, explained the true meanings towards his journey in his band "grateful dead" not only has it inspired people in nations, but it created this new genre to rock'n roll music that everyone started to enjoy, there was a whole lot of point in reading this book, because it struck people who wants to become a musicain, the reality of it. i think that the author wrote this memior because he wanted to express his feelings towards his band members and others, that becoming a musicain can't be hard, unless you lose your passion to it, there were lots of quotes from the book, but the most inspired one was a poem from jerry garcia "i have spent my life seeking all that's still unsung bent my ear to hear the tune ad closed my eyes to see when threre were no strings to play, you played me" page #319. that quote states, that even in the most tradagey, like losing the most importent player in a band, the show must still go on.

outside reading: week 4- phil lesh. searching for the sound.

post #1- "to make music for dancers like these is the rarest honer- to be conresponsible for what really is the dance of the cosmos" page #69, this quote one of the most importent in the book, because it states that to create any sort of music, you have to require not only skills, but passions as well to your music.

post #2- in page #201 the grateful deads maneger tell them that the band has a new location for world tour concert. and there target is the great pyramids of giza, one of there fondest memory playing there. getting there was a very stressful situation, with police stoping them for I.D. and one of the band members ending up in jail for 3 days with no passport. but finally when they got out of all that mayhem, they played the concert in the pyramids, phil, thought that the band would not be able to make a hit on the concert, due to memebrs having a hangover and using drugs. but phils thoughts were surprisingly mistaken, the band set out to have a blast playing, although there were some few mistakes, the audience raved and had gone for an encore.

Monday, October 15, 2007


the thing am most anxious about edina this year is.. the fact that am a new student in this school, and am looking forward to making new friends, as well as gaining my knowledge that brought me here in the first goal in my sophmore year is... that i have to do my best to get decent grades, in the subjects that am concerned in. also attending the school's talent show try out's. so that i can win.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

my outside reading book questions 1,2,and 3.

1. the second section of my book is when the entire band plays for free in the middle of the road with a truck in hasight street 1968. that moment defined the music of the dead, when jerry garcia went walking to the street instead of going in the truck with the others, he was doing walking because of a hippe thing.

2.homey-99- i think its a loaded word because when he said "our rehearsal room has a homey kind of atmosphere" when he's trying to meant, feeling like home, i think he's using this word because he's in a house where all his band members are going to be in.

catch-103-to mean to watch it, lets catch that movie we wanted to see all these months. he used the word to tell jerry that he wanted to go watch frank zappa's concert.

rad-134-it means great, excellent. he's using this word because he thinks that the haight street concert was pretty great.

beast-156- it meant like an animal which he acted when he played the bass in one of his concert- he used to describe himself as the greatest bass player.

smart person-300- as a show off or a nerd. he used the word that one of his friends are betreying him in his own instruments.

queer-297-a person in an awkward position. he used the word because he called one of his fellow fans and they disliked him.

retarded-234- a mentaly challege person. he used to one of his friends.

cracker-145- a person living in florida or georgia its offensive to white peps. he used it to in his time, there were racist going on.

goody-goody-112- a person who's perfect. he used it because he thinks that the band is perfect.

butch-134- a person who has large muscle. he used it for the bands secerity.

3. my reaction to this week of reading is that, when will phil ever learn to deal with occuring deaths that happened in his life, and when ever he thinks about it in front of stage, he stops playing and the band members are held responnsible for his actions. it gets me thinking, does he need therapy?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

phil lesh (searching for my sound)

The starting of this epic book of the most influenicial rock group (grateful dead) has been a discover for me to find out. the strenghs of this book is the fact that phil lesh's young years were when he played the trumpet, he was an exceptnal trumpeter, he was announcd the best in the state. the weakness in my mind was that how couldn't i become such a good player like him, when i was young, i had all these chances and time to learn and to practice playing my instrument that i didn't even bother looking at it. i believe this book made me feel like a person who can do anything if i can set my mind to it.

When he began college in the age of 20, he went to stanford to major in music. that to me felt like if i drop out of high school, theres a 20% chance i might end up in the music industry, but the real rock stars are the ones that are in college. mostly. am in chapter 13 now, and i think that the books starting to get intresting as i read along, i am fond that phil was able to play the bass radther then the guitar, because even though he was an equal skillful player in both bass and guitar, he chose bass. that led jerry to become the guitar, and maked me sigh in relief.

my deepest feelings towards this book is that, to understand the basic knowledge of music, you have to not only work hard on achiving this goal, but to have a passion to your music, i am looking forward to finishing this book with a encourging heart.

week 3, part 1

phil lesh was born in march 15, 1940. he is a bass player for the classical band called (grateful dead) he started out as a trumpet player in his young life, and began learning the bass in his 20's if phil and jerry garcia haden't met, the band wouldn't have been created.