Wednesday, October 3, 2007

phil lesh (searching for my sound)

The starting of this epic book of the most influenicial rock group (grateful dead) has been a discover for me to find out. the strenghs of this book is the fact that phil lesh's young years were when he played the trumpet, he was an exceptnal trumpeter, he was announcd the best in the state. the weakness in my mind was that how couldn't i become such a good player like him, when i was young, i had all these chances and time to learn and to practice playing my instrument that i didn't even bother looking at it. i believe this book made me feel like a person who can do anything if i can set my mind to it.

When he began college in the age of 20, he went to stanford to major in music. that to me felt like if i drop out of high school, theres a 20% chance i might end up in the music industry, but the real rock stars are the ones that are in college. mostly. am in chapter 13 now, and i think that the books starting to get intresting as i read along, i am fond that phil was able to play the bass radther then the guitar, because even though he was an equal skillful player in both bass and guitar, he chose bass. that led jerry to become the guitar, and maked me sigh in relief.

my deepest feelings towards this book is that, to understand the basic knowledge of music, you have to not only work hard on achiving this goal, but to have a passion to your music, i am looking forward to finishing this book with a encourging heart.

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