Tuesday, November 27, 2007

outside reading quarter 2

post A- pegged page 60- definition- pin for fastening or marking something.

cricetid page 110- definition- small rodent: a small rodent of the family that includes the hamster, gerbil, muskrat, and vole.

three examples of figurative language- " jeff opened his big fat pig mouth, oink oink oink," page 45.
"That throws some light on the question of the detective" page 100

"mark saw the no smoking sign, and started to smoke" page 67

one sentence i would describe of the theme of this book is on page 95 " the defendent finds Nina innocent of killing jeff on the night of november 13"

post B- my response to this book is that there are alot of metaphors and also dramatic cause to the charecters in the book, but what i most likey would explain why i adore this book, is because of the mystery that lies on the hands of 2 dectives, and there journey takes them towards a very dangerous road that lays ahead of them a very diffecult struggle against a case that cannot and will not solve, my current page on this book is 124 but this book is 403 pages long, which is very convinent of me, detective Harry bosh is back with the LAPD with a sole mission of closing an unsolved case, and this murder is the first he's givin, theres not much to talk about in this protaginist, but as i read on i'll know this charecter well, all i can say is that he is trying to fingure out who murdered the mother of this girl, am looking forwards to reading this book as always, but my sole purpose is to find out why theres alot of mischiefs in the story line as the clues get werioder and werioder, one of my favorite qoutes from this book is "maybe you can even get your buddy up for six to put the fear of god in front of him, then they'll find it for sure" page 56 that qoute talks about how harry can't do this case alone without a partner but indeed Harry disagreese his partner is not only his brother but his arch rivel. that kind of book makes readers jump for more drama, as this story gets better and better, you'll want to read it again soon.

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