Saturday, October 27, 2007

Assignment for the sea inside

post 1- my general reaction to this movie is that this story, based on the real life of the Galician fisherman Ramón Sampedro, is a cry from the bottom of the heart for life and love, a reaching out for human compassion, for understanding emotions. I found myself a couple of times comparing him and this film with Stephen Daldry and his masterpiece 'The Hours'.
For the courts respones, i believe they made the right decision because a person who has absolutely nothing that he/she can't do, will bring others more and more troubles/stress.
i think in order to be a friend, you have to end them if they want to, like when ramon said, "if you love me, then you will help me, and that is loving me" which, is a very stressful situation for a friend. but the human life always has to die..

post-2 , how i compare this story against the diving bell, is that they both wrote there book, and wanted to die. the difference was that in ramons perspective, he only had half of his body being locked, but for bauby's, its the whole body, except for his left eye. i personly believe that ramons story was a bit more powerful then bauby's although bauby's was a whole lot more, ramon wanted to express his thoughts and feelings towards everyone who had euthanasia, that to carry on living, you have to end it, and not let anyone take care of you for years and years, there wasting there time taking care of you, which causes you to be more depressed.

post-2 the part where ramon spoke of his farewell, the camera was actully moving inches back then comes forth again. in the begining part, there was a long shot towards the carribian. there was a juxtaposition (on nephews mother crying) there was a camera that rotates in close up shots on ramon when he was in bed.

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