Thursday, October 18, 2007

outside reading final- phi lesh (searching for the sound)

post #1- ever since jerry garcia's death, phil maneged to not be sadden about jerry's death, because jerry would never wanted that to happen. meanwhile phil's back to his own house, settleing back into his routine, walking, relazing,listening to music, reading. but in the end, for all of his band members to remember was jerry, and to never give up upon the soul of rock and roll music that the band has inspired.

post#2- the message of my memior was that phil, explained the true meanings towards his journey in his band "grateful dead" not only has it inspired people in nations, but it created this new genre to rock'n roll music that everyone started to enjoy, there was a whole lot of point in reading this book, because it struck people who wants to become a musicain, the reality of it. i think that the author wrote this memior because he wanted to express his feelings towards his band members and others, that becoming a musicain can't be hard, unless you lose your passion to it, there were lots of quotes from the book, but the most inspired one was a poem from jerry garcia "i have spent my life seeking all that's still unsung bent my ear to hear the tune ad closed my eyes to see when threre were no strings to play, you played me" page #319. that quote states, that even in the most tradagey, like losing the most importent player in a band, the show must still go on.

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