Sunday, October 7, 2007

my outside reading book questions 1,2,and 3.

1. the second section of my book is when the entire band plays for free in the middle of the road with a truck in hasight street 1968. that moment defined the music of the dead, when jerry garcia went walking to the street instead of going in the truck with the others, he was doing walking because of a hippe thing.

2.homey-99- i think its a loaded word because when he said "our rehearsal room has a homey kind of atmosphere" when he's trying to meant, feeling like home, i think he's using this word because he's in a house where all his band members are going to be in.

catch-103-to mean to watch it, lets catch that movie we wanted to see all these months. he used the word to tell jerry that he wanted to go watch frank zappa's concert.

rad-134-it means great, excellent. he's using this word because he thinks that the haight street concert was pretty great.

beast-156- it meant like an animal which he acted when he played the bass in one of his concert- he used to describe himself as the greatest bass player.

smart person-300- as a show off or a nerd. he used the word that one of his friends are betreying him in his own instruments.

queer-297-a person in an awkward position. he used the word because he called one of his fellow fans and they disliked him.

retarded-234- a mentaly challege person. he used to one of his friends.

cracker-145- a person living in florida or georgia its offensive to white peps. he used it to in his time, there were racist going on.

goody-goody-112- a person who's perfect. he used it because he thinks that the band is perfect.

butch-134- a person who has large muscle. he used it for the bands secerity.

3. my reaction to this week of reading is that, when will phil ever learn to deal with occuring deaths that happened in his life, and when ever he thinks about it in front of stage, he stops playing and the band members are held responnsible for his actions. it gets me thinking, does he need therapy?

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