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jingle- pg- 9, a light musical noise like that of small bells or pieces of metal being shaken together.

leviable- pg- 23, able to have a tax imposed.

"hey Harry i saw you with that new hat, looked really fancy and nice to" pg 66

"i saw her stading there with no shoes in her feet, what a slob" pg 54

"the once thing i really do enjoy in life is to be kept clean" pg 90

quotes " being someone else is a waste of who you are" pg 211

the one emerging theme from the book is that when Harry discovers the murder, and that the muder was his own partner Bosch.

Post-B. well first of all i want to say that, am done with this book and it took me approxemtly 3 days to read it, the final chapter or so called the conclusion was when both Harry and his long life friend Bosch ended up killed by the chopping machine in a tire factory while they were trying to kill each other. after that unfortunate scene, the police took away the pieces of the body and made a dna discovery, that the both so called partners.. were brothers, because both of there mom and dad were divorced and while there untalkitive parents never told them the truth, they shouldev'. but now its too late, this sad and dramatic story had to end up with a total bang in the face, i truly believe that if this book was this good, i'd buy another copy, just for another taste of a new one. I get the heavy feeling that when Harry tried to shoot Bosch, and Bosch dodging the bullets there was a slight connection because when Harry tries to dodge bullets he's always running the left side, and while Bosch does the exact same, i thought that they were so alike.

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top ten list.

Kunsang Tenzin kunsang 1

Mr. Hatten

English 10

9 January 2008

Top ten list: The Closers

1. When Harry discovered the killer was his own partner, when he realized his own potential towards finding the murderer who killed the 16 year old girl Becky, by his own plans he first shot her in the chest, wiped the gun with a rag, then put the gun in her hands to make it look like a suicide attempt. And how ironic this is, when he Harry figures it out that the killer was his own partner, he started to become a bit acquainted with his personal life, to extent, they were a true childhood friend that ended up in a bad karma in the future. Not only did this rating the number one favorite event, it was one of my most calming event also, between me and Harry, I think we both have that sprit between us as in, he has a kind of side, where he is always into the more lone wolf thing, and that goes the exact same to me. Which was kind of reveling.

2. When Bosch, with his highly intelligent detective skills, he asked Mackey how to make a boat sink with using 10 bullet shots to sink it, Mackey felt as if he was underestimated by his skills and purposely jumped out of the 30 story building, without receiving any information, that to me was extremely inspiring and made me think of how I can become a detective when I grow up. And also by the time he landed I thought that he would at least yell like hell, but he just laid there unconscious, a thing like this occurred when at news, some guy jumped a really tall building I thought the author was using that deal but the funny thing is this book was published on 2006, which never of course occurred that time of the year ha ha.

3. This was the most romantic part of the novel, Kitz who was dating Ashley found out that her personality was hid due to her past, was told after they made an affair, and her secret was that she was madly in love with Kitz which also he was to. “ this is the first time I ever told any boys, I love you” page 222. It kind of hit me when she said that because, due to her abusing young age of her dad, I couldn’t find any reason why she would have the confidence to say such things, no wonder she always lonely, sad, and not wanted. Kitz was being the savor to her every will. And that to me was a moment of silence.

4. When Becky was discovered that she had a mixed race of black and white, I thought that was a complete B.S. because I knew that in the beginning, she was born in Dallas, Texas with a teenage pregnancy, and had been sent for adoption. That to me was kind of racist, due to the fact that Becky claims she never had a family, the so called lie’s that the murderer stated, he announced he hated all white and black people, and he was both mixed, how eerie is that? And another thing I quite don’t like is that when she was unfortunately pregnant, her husband was white to, but to clear off the topic, she was no mix at all. Just a normal Caucasian.

kunsang 2

5. When the DNA match found that it was surprisingly Bosch fingerprints, the news media went berserk, because they didn’t know that the heck was going on, so then as soon as Bosch found out, he also went berserk because, not only did he do this crime, it was a swell accident, I truly think that this event made me really cautious about the fact that neither of the partners talked for 2 weeks after they found out, and then after that week, they became enemies, although it was a really messed up way to talk to each other, Bosch really never cared about Harry, ever since he found out the truth.

6. I don’t quite agree to this statement of the fact that this book has some wrong misjudgments placed, as in when Harry gave give up his badge, the next month he was forced to give up the badge, and that to me is really confusing but also kind of mysteries, I gave this rating a six, because of the wrong placements that this book is allowing, bad slang, awful sexual content. An example would including something like this “ man, the only thing that’s keeping us apart is your mom on my lap” page 66 that to me is not that funny but the characters are laughing to it and that makes me angry.

7. The social discrimination between the Asians and the Hispanics are quite the handful, when Becky was walking downtown, she came across a mugger who’s Hispanic, as soon as she gets her purse, a Asian was trying to mug her, now I know that looks kind of weird but since she was on the Asians turf, the Asian had every right to create a law and by that the Asian shot the Hispanic thus giving Harry the perfect time to grab her out of the war. After the really big war, neither of them won and to me was just a pointless battle, lives were dead, families were ended, and the town was in utter no mans land.

8. The not so much hilarious jokes that the author puts in the book is so irritating that there shouldn’t be any jokes at all. There a part where Bosch was insulting a cop and before the cop could say anything, Bosch gave the (talk to the hand sign) which was really not funny at all because after he done that, the cop felt insulted which is not really necessary, the big issue was when Bosch opened a jar full of pickles, but soothingly Becky couldn’t, after that happened nothing really struck between them. Before understanding the causes of what happened between Harry and Bosch’s childhood memories, there was a slight comment with a card that said, “ if you think you can beat me against a fight…your…WRONG” pg 12 that was just really vague and not specific.

9. There’s not much knowledge to put forth this book, because the words are as simple as ice, but there were some hard and challenging words such as “ did I ever tell you how systematic this process is once you join? Said Harry” pg 220. I actually believe that was the most challenging words of all. An un fair advantage took place when the author created a really strange effect during Becky’s childhood, “ as she stood there with no grin in her face, she silently made a smile at the painting of the Mona Lisa” pg 60, there’s a reason why I chose this event a number 9# on my list, because this book was just too vague and not knowledgably supportive, I believe Michael Connelly made this book the way it should be written, a hard ass detective with no limitations and being a rebel towards everything.
kunsang 3

10. This had to be the worst part of the book. “ I once saw a spaceship a meter away in my dreams.” pg 54 what the heck does that mean, but there’s also few other parts like this, which you won’t really get, because I think the author is just putting some random words in there just to make it look weird or mysteries, that kind of book to me is just a waste of valuable time. Not only does it sense, it creates a discomfort when your stress-free, and that happened to me twice. But in other words, this book is quite the tale to talk at a random place, it could eventually become a movie someday but who knows, it could end up in the top decent books in the year.

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michael connelly the closers, posts.

post a- 2 vocab,- portico, a porch.
interior- the inside of something.

3 examples of figuritive language- 1. " and for what its worth

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michael connely the closers post a and b

post a- undaunted, 263- not discouraged; not forced to abandon purpose or effort.

disencumbered- 323- to relieve of burdens or hardships.

Three examples of figurative language - 1. that son of a bitch thinks he's owns the mothership,page-233

2. David opened his beat up right finger to pull the trigger. page- 322

3.mark was sort of invisible when he joined the force, page-145

quotes- It was all Hindersons fault to let go of his mothers life- 343.

i think the main theme of this book is to understand the main causes of loss, sorrow, and gain, as David searches to find clues of the murder, he undergoes through a lot of distress.

Post b. summary- when harry Bosch finds the mystery box sent from his mail, he opens it and it has a clue on it, its a letter written from the killer that specifically gives him the details of how this murder went by, but the problem is that that letter was from his fellow partner David. and now harry's trying to figure out why david would sent him the letter, but david reports that he was not the suspect. new clues are going to unwrapel when david was the suspect, now harry's trying to find out, the mystrey behind david. and this all leads to the case of the murder. the person who raped, and murdered sara. is his partner, david. pages- 154, 244, 11, and 377