Thursday, October 18, 2007

outside reading: week 4- phil lesh. searching for the sound.

post #1- "to make music for dancers like these is the rarest honer- to be conresponsible for what really is the dance of the cosmos" page #69, this quote one of the most importent in the book, because it states that to create any sort of music, you have to require not only skills, but passions as well to your music.

post #2- in page #201 the grateful deads maneger tell them that the band has a new location for world tour concert. and there target is the great pyramids of giza, one of there fondest memory playing there. getting there was a very stressful situation, with police stoping them for I.D. and one of the band members ending up in jail for 3 days with no passport. but finally when they got out of all that mayhem, they played the concert in the pyramids, phil, thought that the band would not be able to make a hit on the concert, due to memebrs having a hangover and using drugs. but phils thoughts were surprisingly mistaken, the band set out to have a blast playing, although there were some few mistakes, the audience raved and had gone for an encore.

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