Thursday, October 25, 2007

Outside reading week 5

post 1#-the outside reading project for ahmed is some what similar to the book "the outisders" because it shows this violence and the freedom of segregation that ouccured in this book. its quite touching.

post #2- in pages 200-260. while phil lesh tries to understand the true meaning of drug abuse by going to a drug free program in atlanta, jerry and the rest of the band members tries to figure out what song to make next, which was dated in 1979 they made a song called "bird song" the song was generally about how life was supposely be when a violence came about in there lives. when phil came back from Atlanta, he told jerry that not everything has to rely drugs on making songs. so in that confrontation, jerry and phil had an agreement between to never use drugs for making songs. phils thoughts are that, to make a successful song, you have to be in a positive mood and also healthy, that will make a song a very complex tone. Lesh was not a prolific composer or singer with the Grateful Dead, although some of the songs he did contribute—"New Potato Caboose", "box of rain", "unbroken chain", and "Pride of Cucamonga"—are among the best-loved in the band's repertoire. His interest in avant-garde music was a crucial influence on the Dead, pushing them into new territory, and he was an essential part of the group and its mystique, best summed-up in the Deadhead truism: "If Phil's on, the band's on". Also, a snippet of tape of Lesh on trumpet in college can be heard on the Bob weir-composed "Born Cross-Eyed." he also made a song all by himself, his personky single debut never on media "armed luckly" he brings me the true meaning of being a musicain.

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