Wednesday, January 2, 2008

michael connely the closers post a and b

post a- undaunted, 263- not discouraged; not forced to abandon purpose or effort.

disencumbered- 323- to relieve of burdens or hardships.

Three examples of figurative language - 1. that son of a bitch thinks he's owns the mothership,page-233

2. David opened his beat up right finger to pull the trigger. page- 322

3.mark was sort of invisible when he joined the force, page-145

quotes- It was all Hindersons fault to let go of his mothers life- 343.

i think the main theme of this book is to understand the main causes of loss, sorrow, and gain, as David searches to find clues of the murder, he undergoes through a lot of distress.

Post b. summary- when harry Bosch finds the mystery box sent from his mail, he opens it and it has a clue on it, its a letter written from the killer that specifically gives him the details of how this murder went by, but the problem is that that letter was from his fellow partner David. and now harry's trying to figure out why david would sent him the letter, but david reports that he was not the suspect. new clues are going to unwrapel when david was the suspect, now harry's trying to find out, the mystrey behind david. and this all leads to the case of the murder. the person who raped, and murdered sara. is his partner, david. pages- 154, 244, 11, and 377

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