Monday, January 21, 2008

final posting

jingle- pg- 9, a light musical noise like that of small bells or pieces of metal being shaken together.

leviable- pg- 23, able to have a tax imposed.

"hey Harry i saw you with that new hat, looked really fancy and nice to" pg 66

"i saw her stading there with no shoes in her feet, what a slob" pg 54

"the once thing i really do enjoy in life is to be kept clean" pg 90

quotes " being someone else is a waste of who you are" pg 211

the one emerging theme from the book is that when Harry discovers the murder, and that the muder was his own partner Bosch.

Post-B. well first of all i want to say that, am done with this book and it took me approxemtly 3 days to read it, the final chapter or so called the conclusion was when both Harry and his long life friend Bosch ended up killed by the chopping machine in a tire factory while they were trying to kill each other. after that unfortunate scene, the police took away the pieces of the body and made a dna discovery, that the both so called partners.. were brothers, because both of there mom and dad were divorced and while there untalkitive parents never told them the truth, they shouldev'. but now its too late, this sad and dramatic story had to end up with a total bang in the face, i truly believe that if this book was this good, i'd buy another copy, just for another taste of a new one. I get the heavy feeling that when Harry tried to shoot Bosch, and Bosch dodging the bullets there was a slight connection because when Harry tries to dodge bullets he's always running the left side, and while Bosch does the exact same, i thought that they were so alike.

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